Anointed Business Connections
Transforming Lives, Calling forth Visions, Elevating Brands: Your Partner in Personal and Professional Services!
Empowered Services
Coaching & Workshops
Step into your God-given purpose and vision with educational sessions on self-discovery, self-awareness, identification, healing family relationships, and vision writing. We offer supportive personalized assistance, group coaching and ministry training.
ACFashions1 & More
Our Motto is Fashions for the Mind, Body & Soul - Our Designer's Upscale Fashion Apparel and Designer's Clothiers cater to women in ministry, leadership, and business. Specializing in church and ministry attire, special occasions, accessories for women, and more.
Business Offers
We offer a range of affiliate marketing services. Should you need a Professional Website, Marketing & Sale Pages, Social Media, or other business services — we help you elevate your personal brand and impact through our trusted and connected affiliate partners.
Hi! My name is ... Coach Alice
I am your... Empowerment Coach
Coach Alice is multi-passionate and offers support in personal growth and business services. She empowers women to say yes to the dream vision and move forward in their God-given purpose.

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